By: Vernon Jackson

Looking Glass: A Man's Reflections Within the Scope of Dating & Relationships

A healthy relationship with Self equals healthy relationships with others.

A healthy relationship with Self equals healthy relationships with others.

A lot of us are broken. Left to figure out what a relationship is and our responsibilities in it. However, we can no longer use what we weren't taught as reasons not to move forward and experience authentic love and healthy relationships. Instead, we must be intentional. Looking Glass is for women looking to experience a rare glimpse of a man's transparency. To get insight into what men think about dating and relationships from a place of deep reflection and love. Not from a place driven by fear, false perceptions, and hyper-masculinity.

This book is also for men looking for better ways to relate to their feelings and articulate them in healthy ways within their relationships.

The goal of Looking Glass is to develop common empathy and to build a bridge for deeper communication between the sexes.

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In The News

CINCINNATI — A local barber who wrote a book on love and relationships is making waves.

Vernon Jackson co-owns Noble Barber and Beauty in Corryville, but he can now add "best-selling author" to his resume.

His book "Looking Glass" has become a number one new release on Amazon. The paperback is about dating and relationships from the male perspective.

"Not just the dating process, but about dating ourselves first and then dating other people when it's time to be intentional," Jackson said.

He wants those who read his book to know that dating is about more than just swiping left and right on an app.

"People should learn how to engage beyond the text. Learn how to have a conversation," he said.


About The Author

vernon jackson

Vernon V. Jackson Jr. is an entrepreneur, socialite, and multifaceted artist with talents in visual arts, poetry, spoken word, and dance. Since a child, he has had the rare gift of artistic expression and bringing people together.

His ability to articulate the commonality in the human experience in his writing, along with his ability to produce and host top-notch events has allowed him to work with some of the world's top artists. As an author, Vernon’s main goal is to be a bridge-builder for men and women to find healthy space for dialogue and from that space to find common ground to love and to grow in harmony, fostering healthier relationships. When Vernon isn't co-running Noble Beauty & Barber, planning events, writing and performing, you can find him in the gym or riding the current love of his life, Geneva, his Harley Davidson. Vernon resides in Cincinnati, OH.

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